Shark City

Location: Western reef of Palau, southwest of Ulong Island.

Distance from Koror: 23 miles (37 kilometers) from Koror. 40-50 minutes by a speedboat.
Level of Diving Experience: Advanced.

Diving Depth Summary: Top of the reef: 45 feet (15 meters). Reef wall: 45 to 150 feet (15 to 50 meters). Corner: 90 feet (30 meters).

Visibility: 60 to 150 feet (20 to 50 meters) depending on the direction of the tide.

Currents: The currents along the reef can be very strong and unpredictable. For more information regarding the tidal patterns of Palau, check the Blue Corner tide and current section.

General Information: This finger shaped reef is the western most point of the Palau Islands. The entire reef area is known as Shark City even though it consists of several independent dive sites. Important Notice: Due to strong currents and open ocean swells, each diver is required to carry a Safety Sausage as part of their dive equipment.

Reef Formation: Shark City reef consists of sheer vertical walls, moderate slopes and canyons. The reef runs from east to west, then it curves south to create a corner with a plateau on the top. The walls and the slopes drop down to 120 to150 feet (40 to 50 m) before they merge with the sandy run off.

Marine life: Many Gray Reef Sharks, schools of barracuda, snappers and Unicorn fish patrol the walls and corners of the reef. Clouds of Pyramid Butterflyfish, Square Anthias, Moorish Idols, and Yellowtail Fusiliers are found along the edge and on top of the reef. The plateau and the upper walls host large schools of silver barracuda and snappers. Spotted Eagle Rays and Napoleon Wrasse are often seen here as well. Large patches of healthy lettuce corals can befound on top of the plateau at 70 to 80 feet (23 to 27 meters). The canyon, encountered on the South to North dive is rich with marine life. In recent years the canyon has been nicknamed Hammerhead Point due to numerous encounters with Great Hammerheads.

Diving: Depends on the direction of the current the Dive Guide will start the dive from one of the two mooring buoys or at another location along the wall. Each dive site is completely different offering different sections of the reef wall to explore. As a reference point, the two (2) white mooring buoys mark the northern section of this site. East to West: The dive will start east of the northern buoy. Drop down and follow the wall at 60 - 80 feet (20 to 27 m) keeping the reef to your left. This is a relatively deep dive; the reef starts at 55 feet (17 m) dropping down to 150 feet (50 m). The reef gets deeper as you reach the corner. South to North: At this site a dark blue area in the water outlines a deep canyon that starts at 20 feet (7 m) and cuts the reef vertically down to 200 feet (65 m). From the canyon, follow the wall to the north toward the corner, keeping the wall on your right. Watch your air consumption and bottom time.

Fascinating Facts: Before Blue Corner gained in popularity, this reef was Palau’s prime spot for shark diving. The name Shark City is the result of an article, by Skin Diver Magazine, published in the early 1980’s.