Honeymoon Beach

Distance from Koror: 35 miles (56 km), 60-70 minutes by speedboat.

Level of Diving Experience: Novice

Diving Depth Summary: 15-60 feet (5-20 m).

Visibility: 60-150 feet (20-50 m).

Current: Moderate to none.

Location: Eastern side of Peleliu Island, north of Yellow Wall.

General Formation: This site is named after a popular beach on the east coast of Peleliu. Due to the prevailing easterly winds over the islands, this area is seldom dived. 

Reef Formation: Moderate coral slope with deep crevices drops down to 60 feet (20 m) and merges with a sandy bottom. Large coral heads provide shelter to an ambulance of marine life. 

Marine Life: Because Honeymoon Beach is not often dived, small sensitive sea life abounds here on top of the reef. Nudibranchs, variety of shrimp and other macrocritters make Honeymoon Beach a photographer’s paradise. 

Diving: You can choose to dive shallow or deep on this dive, but it is considered a drift dive. The coral shelf of the reef abound in invertebrate sea life and is worth exploring.