Ulong Sand Bar

Distance from Koror: 15 miles (25 km), 30-40 minutes by speedboat.

Level of Diving Experience: Novice

Diving Depth Summary: 12-45 feet (4-15 m).

Visibility: 20-60 feet (7-20 m).

Current: None.

Location: West of Ulong Island and south of Ulong Channel.

General Formation: A distinctive sand bar which is visible as a very small sandy patch.

Reef Formation: Reef starts with coral formations and coral heads at 12 feet (4 m), then it slopes down to 45 feet (15 m) to a sandy bottom. The sandy bottom is scattered with beautiful coral heads. 

Marine Life: Dive sites hosts big schools of bumphead parrotfish, other varieties of parrotfish, and sharks during incoming tides and often sting rays and manta rays.   

Diving: After the dive boat is tied to a mooring line, the diver starts to dive to shallow reef and follows the coral heads and crevices to the west. At 45 feet (15 m) the reef changes into a sandy plateau. Take a position in front of coral heads (not too close so you don’t scare approaching marine life) and watch the big schools of fish who pass by or coming to be cleaned at one of the cleaning stations. 

Fascinating Facts: Divers experience amazing marine life encounters at this spot during sun rise. Fish ‘n Fins dive shop offer early start for divers who want to be there first.