Cemetery Reef

Distance from Koror: 11 miles (18 km), 25-30 minutes by speedboat.

Level of Diving Experience: Snorkeling only.

Snorkeling Summary: 3-15 feet (1-5m).

Visibility: 10-30 feet (3-10 m).

Current: None.

Location: Cemetery reef is located among the Rock Islands on the southwest near Little Toi pass.

General Formation: A shallow reef which became popular snorkeling site inside the lagoon. The very slow currents flowing through the islands carry nutrients that feed this large and colorful population of hard and soft corals. 

Reef Formation: Reef starts to the west of the rock island and drops gently to 15 feet (4 m).

Marine Life: The area abounds with small reef fish such as Fusiliers, Anthias and Rainbow Runners.    

Snorkeling: The area is only accessible by boat. This is a very popular site for snorkelers as the corals are very close to the surface. Snorkelers need to be very careful as a misplaced fin kick can easily damage or kill the corals.  

Fascinating Facts: During 1980’s a group of marine scientists have placed an artificial structure in the shape of a cross on top of the reef in order to study marine growth. Looking at the cross from the surface, it did not take long for local dive guides to identify the site as Cemetery Reef.