Distance from Koror: ½ miles, 5 minutes by speedboat.

Level of Diving Experience: Novice

Diving Depth Summary: 3-60 feet (1-20 m).

Visibility: 20-60 feet (7-20 m).

Current: None.

Location: Malakal harbor.

General Formation: “The Pinchers” or “The Tweezers” are the extensions of two rock islands that form the entrance to Malakal harbor. This site is a favorite of local dive shops when the weather gets bad. A shallow lagoon within Pinchers is often use for training during a dive course. 

Reef Formation: Moderate slope. 

Marine Life: Tropical fish, shrimps and crabs.   

Diving: This dive site offers good night diving with large selection of invertebrates and coral formation. 

Fascinating Facts: During WWII Malakal harbor was used as a main anchoring site for Japanese ships. Pinchers can be seen very often in aerial photos taken by US Navy planes during “Desecrate 1” aerial attack of Palau in March 30-31, 1994.