Urakami Maru

Distance from Koror

2 miles (3.5 km), 5 minutes by speedboat

Level of Diving Experience

Advanced, wreck diver. This dive requires careful planning. It is a square profile dive and one should plan and monitor their bottom time and air.

Diving Depth Summary

The ship is listing at 70 degrees and is resting on a slope with the stern at 115 feet (35 m) deeper than the bow at 80 feet (24 m).


Due to sedimentary runoff from a quarry nearby, visibility is often poor.




Malakal Anchorage, west of Ice Box point.

General Information: Urakami Maru was built in 1941. At 4,300 toms, the Standard B Japanese cargo ship was converted to a Salvage & Repair Ship during the war. Originally bomb damage to hatch #3. She was later severely damaged by salvagers. Interesting is holds with remains of the workshop, smithy, and spares. Portside, bow and starboard part of the bridge are severely damaged and partially salvaged. Starboard is practically intact, also the prop.

Reef Formation

120 feet (40 m) bottom is silt, with no coral formations around the wreck.