Wonder Channel

Location: South of Koror in the rock-island lagoon of Mecherchar Island.

Distance from Koror: 15 miles (24 kilometers) from Koror. 30-40 minutes by speedboat.

Level of Diving Experience: Novice

Diving Depth Summary: Top of the reef: 0 to 3 feet (0 to 1 meters. Top of the reef to the bottom: 80 feet (24 m).

Visibility: 20 to 50 feet (7 to 17 m) depending on the direction of the tide.

Currents: Current in the channel can be very strong. Incoming Tide: Current runs from east to west. Outgoing: west to east.

General Information: This deep and narrow channel between the rock islands is a popular dive site for macro photography. The lagoon offers sheltered water year round and is a popular dive site during bad weather. Important notice: Be careful! This dive site is in the path of dive boats going to and from Jellyfish Lake. Take caution when surfacing; use a safety sausage to alert boat drivers of your position.

Reef Formation:

This shallow coral garden starts in just a few feet of water; during low tide the top of the reef is exposed. The dive usually starts from the west where the reef slopes down to the bottom at 80 feet (24 m). At the corner the reef turns sharply to the south where the reef wall becomes nearly vertical. The southern wall of the channel is considered to be the best diving 

Marine life: The southern reef offers large patches of lettuce and table corals. At night the wall is blooming with Tubastraea corals. Just about every type of colorful tropical fish can be found around this dive site. The coral slope also provides shelter to many species of invertebrates; nudibranchs and shrimps can be found almost everywhere. Take time to explore the small crevices and caves, they offer refuge to a variety of small marine creatures. This site can be a macro-photographers/videographers paradise

Diving: This dive is current dependant; the dive will start from west with the outgoing tide and from the east with the incoming tide. The current can be very strong, especially through the short channel between the two rock islands.

Fascinating Facts: During Nov-Jan, Frogfish migrate to this area to mate. They can be found hiding among the orange and brown sponges.