Fairyland (Ngemelis Coral Garden) 

Location: West of Ngemelis Island and German Channel.

Distance from Koror: 28 miles (45 kilometers) Southwest of Koror. 60-70 minutes by speedboat.

Level of Diving Experience: Novice

Diving Depth Summary: Top of reef to bottom: 20 to 120 feet (7 to 40 meters).

Visibility: 50'-150' (17-50m) depending on the tides.

Currents: Usually none.

General Information: This reef is sometimes referred to as Ngemelis Coral Garden. This reef is a great area for a checkout or tune-up dive. There is so much to do on this reef that it is easy to spend over an hour just exploring the canyons, crevices and swim-thrus.

Reef Formation: Fairyland is part of a reef that runs along the entire length of Ngemelis Island. Ngemelis Reef system starts at German channel, runs to the southwest as Big Drop Off, then changes its name to Turtle Wall. From Turtle Wall the reef curves to the north and New Drop Off starts. One (1) mile (1.6 kilometer) north of New Drop Off is Fairyland. This coral garden starts in just a few feet of water and during extreme low tide, the top of the reef will be exposed. The gentle coral slope drops down to 60 feet (20 meters) before it changes to a run off of broken coral and sand. Many deep canyons and swim-thrus cut this slope offering the diver lots of area to investigate. The reef hosts a large variety of marine life.

Marine life: Many types of tropical fish can be found here. Many species of Butterfly fish, Triggerfish, Angelfish and wrasses can be seen here. Two creatures that are often spotted here are the Crocodile Fish and Cuttlefish. Both of these fish are well camouflaged, the observant diver will be well rewarded.

Diving: This is an easy dive for beginners. There is usually no current at this site. This shallow reef formation lends itself to good visibility. The area also offers good snorkeling. Dive boats like to use this area for lunch break picnics.

Important Notice: Fairyland is on the main waterway for boats going to and from Blue Corner and other nearby dive sites. Take caution before surfacing; use a safety sausage to alert boat drivers to your position.